Aerial & Hi-Wi

Aerial and Hi-Wi TM photography are often the best and even, perhaps surprisingly, the most cost effective ways to achieve a “hero” shot where property is concerned. An aerial perspective offers dramatic visual appeal and can easily create a point of difference in advertising contexts.

We shoot from both fixed wing and helicopter and, with the additional benefit of personal aviation (piloting) experience, we are able to plan and communicate knowledgeably and effectively with the pilot, ensuring prime angles and positions to achieve the best photography. This also results in an absolute minimum of flying time and thereby reduces costs.

To allow for even less expensive options for clients, we have also made a considerable investment in our own “Hi-Wi TM Imaging” system which allows us to shoot from heights of up to 16 metres / 52 feet. Remotely monitored from ground level, the camera is positioned, controlled and activated wirelessly at the top of a unique tripod that we had custom designed to our specifications.

In greater Sydney, the Blue Mountains and Central West we shoot for the RTA, State Rail and Councils, as well as other government and private businesses. Additionally, aerial and Hi-Wi TM photography is highly valuable for real estate, to promote properties in the tourism industry boasting location or outlook, and to identify or document properties, areas or townships in a manner that cannot otherwise be achieved.


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