In our view, architectural photography is about creating dramatic imagery that combines descriptive content with strong visual appeal. It requires considerably more than mere "documentation", though this is an important element.

Successful architectural photography is like successful architecture. It demands both form and function, with neither at the expense of the other.

Prior to every architectural commission we liaise closely with our clients to ensure that we have a clear understanding of our brief. We believe that to shoot and document architecture successfully we need to understand how the architects themselves have resolved their own design brief. We need to appreciate the building design, its critical elements and how it "works".

We have an extensive range of commercial lighting, light shaping and colour temperature management equipment to undertake the most complicated of assignments. Additionally, we are specialists in image enhancement using complex digital post-production techniques in our fully equipped edit suite. Material can be supplied to client-specific requirements in print, digital and press-ready formats and we are able to liaise with your graphic designer or printer to help ensure image quality is maintained throughout the process.

Architectural photography commissions have taken us beyond the Blue Mountains and Sydney to Canberra and regional NSW. To see additional images of relevance (building interiors and exteriors) please see as well Resorts, Hotels, Guesthouses, Holiday Houses and Real Estate.


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