Portrait and Portfolio

Consistent with our approach to other photographic work, we believe that portrait and portfolio images should have a balance of integrity and visual impact.

Any photos of people need to be honest, in some sense "documentary". This comes about by capturing the essence of an individual’s personality in the situation. To achieve this requires a photographer who is open, aware and sensitive, receptive to a subject and able to foster a sense of comfort and trust. This is a crucial aspect when photographing adults and children alike. Having achieved this, though, a good portrait will also create strong visual impact and graphic "punch".

Attesting to our success in this, we are regularly sought out for commercial documentary portrait work and are commissioned to shoot for books, exhibitions and corporate reports (see Business, Corporate, Industrial as well as Illustrative, Documentary and Editorial ). We also shoot domestic material – families, couples, children – and private portfolios for personal purposes, modelling and agency work.

All our final prints are custom-crafted; we never simply provide straight minilab prints. With a strong background both in traditional darkroom hand-printing and computerised digital post-production, we are able to offer custom printing of the highest quality (see Post-Production).

Comprehensive domestic portrait solutions (including custom prints to order) start at $775 plus GST. For commercial portraiture (where prints may not be required) please discuss your needs with us. See also Business, Corporate, Industrial for some examples.


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