We are post-production specialists, arguably better equipped and more experienced than any other photographic business west of Sydney. With the benefit of a traditional darkroom printing background, we have, since the late 1990s, been crafting domestic and commercial images of the highest quality in a digital environment.

We have a fully colour-managed and colour-profiled edit suite (Apple Mac platform) boasting six screens. All our critical equipment is top-of-the-range and editing screens are calibrated weekly with a professional spectrophotometer. Coupled with print output exclusively from Australia’s leading professional labs, this means that we get in print for our clients exactly what we see on our screens. Where files are supplied on disk for commercial clients, embedded profiles help ensure that image quality and integrity can be retained right through to the presses, as well as for other output formats. We can also liaise with clients’ designers, pre-press professionals and printers to achieve this result.

Examples – Domestic

1. Image enhancement

Any straight file or print – unless shot in a carefully controlled studio environment – will benefit from, or very often even require, careful post-production. The following examples show a straight print (from a direct-capture file as printed by a minilab) and a custom post-produced print. The first pair is in colour, the second example is a black and white conversion from a colour original. Note how comparably poor in quality the unedited images are, the black and white especially (see below for more information on the science of black and white conversions). Both custom images have been dramatically improved from multi-layer compositing from the original 16-bit RAW file to massively enhance available detail.

Post-production in colour:

                                    Minilab print                                                                Custom print from RAW file


Post-production in black and white:

                     Minilab print                                              Minilab print                                 Custom print from RAW file


2. Image manipulation

We are able to edit content of images: teeth can be whitened, skin blemishes removed, we can open closed eyes, and even seamlessly add people to or remove them from an image. The following shows samples of this in action with the before and after of a simple group photograph:

Before ImageAfter Image

3. Image restoration

Old photographs can be enhanced, faded colour and tones restored, scratches, tears and blemishes removed, and the overall quality of a poor print can be dramatically improved. Importantly, a digitised antique image can then live on in pristine condition forever.

                                          Original print                                                   Edited, digitised image and print


Examples – Commercial

In most situations, commercial imagery will be lit and shot such that post-production is used only for enhancement and added “punch”.

In some cases, creative post-production can reduce on-site time (valuable for businesses where downtime for photography can be expensive, such as in hotels) and thereby costs, as our hourly rate for post-production is less than our hourly photographic rate.

There are instances, however, where post-production is required to achieve the result at all. The following example is of an image commissioned by the architect. The brief required a dramatic shot of the front of the building, without the fenceline. This required use of an ultra-wide 12mm lens with no tilt-shift movements, resulting in considerable architectural distortion. In addition, strong afternoon backlighting (to eliminate the unpleasant and distracting shadows caused by front lighting earlier in the day) meant enormous exposure differential. The final image was crafted from two frames:

              Unedited elements                                                                           Final edited image


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