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Commercial photography of the interiors of buildings is a highly sophisticated craft that requires specific expertise and considerable professional equipment. The essential skill involved in this specialised area of commercial photography is lighting. Clean, natural lighting without colour casts, “hot spots” or dark areas, capturing simultaneously the inside of the building and, where relevant, the views and structure outside, is critical and the hallmark of quality imagery. This cannot be done properly by simply using Photoshop!

We have an enormous, comprehensive range of commercial lighting, light shaping and colour temperature management equipment to undertake the largest and most complex of assignments. We enhance images further using digital post-production and compositing techniques. Material can be supplied to client-specific requirements in digital, print and press-ready formats and we are able to liaise with your graphic designer or printer to help ensure image quality is maintained throughout the process.

We work extensively within the Sydney and Blue Mountains region for clients small and large, as well as further afield. We are the most comprehensively equipped and experienced business in the western region to offer this area of photographic work.

For additional relevant images, please see also Real Estate and Architectural.


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