"Wow! We have been to so many weddings and seen so many albums, but we’ve never come across results like yours. You were unobtrusive, professional and great fun … you absolutely made our day. And the pictures are totally amazing. Thank you thank you THANK YOU!!!"     

- Katy and Dean

We specialise in beautiful contemporary, documentary wedding photography. Our work is comprehensively candid and journalistic and has been uniquely defined (and now trademarked) as WeddoJournalism® - low impact, with no stiff poses and no clichés, cheese or gritted teeth!

Although based in the Blue Mountains and Sydney, we regularly shoot in Mudgee, Bathurst and regional NSW, as well as interstate.

Using our extensive knowledge of and experience in photojournalism, commercial and advertising photography, we capture moments as they happen in bold, dramatic and exciting ways. We work in a free-flowing, evolving manner rather than the more traditional "every shot pre-planned" method. Our aim is to shoot in an unobtrusive, editorial manner whereby the images tell a powerful story of the events, the emotions and the details of the day. We also shoot exclusively in 16-bit RAW format – not just camera-processed JPEGs – an absolutely critical element for quality! (please see Post-Production – Technical Issues and Considerations if you are interested to learn more about this.)

Many photographers have "a style". We are proud of the fact that we don’t merely have "a" style, but rather "an approach", which can allow for a multitude of styles. Our approach is to come to understand as much as possible about each couple prior to their wedding, to see the wedding from their perspective and thereby photograph it through their eyes … but with our skill and experience. We strongly believe that it is not the job of the photographer to impose his or her style on a wedding; the real skill lies in becoming attuned to and then capturing all the elements of the event and the people there, and portraying it beautifully, artistically and honestly. As such, our images are of a different "style" from one wedding to another. We don’t shoot generic images – we shoot personal ones. Our work is recognisable not for a particular "look", but rather for a "feeling" that each image evokes.

On the business end, we treat bridal couples as commissioning clients in the same way as our commercial and advertising clientele. This means that for all but the shortest of coverages, you obtain high resolution digital files and you have domestic usage rights to copy and reproduce images that we capture for you. In these cases we do not withhold files from you and you do not have to order reprints from us.

Consistent with our philosophy above, we do not restrict couples to the usual inflexible wedding "packages". Every wedding is unique and requires a unique approach. You are encouraged to determine your own preferred coverage and budget; we work flexibly, charging on a time and materials basis, to ensure that couples are able to get exactly what they want. All 16-bit RAW files are individually adjusted and converted to print ready, hi-res (currently 63mb each) JPEGs, printed, and loaded into personalized, acid free, hard-cover proof albums. Wedding photography prices start from $1750 (incl. GST).

With a strong background both in traditional darkroom hand-printing and digital post-production, we offer custom printing of the very highest quality. Our prices are very reasonable, ensuring that all clients have access to the ultimate in quality. Please see our page on this website, Post-Production.


Albums are optional and as we are not committed to any one manufacturer (unlike many photographers), we can design a unique artwork around your images using an album constructed exactly to your choice and requirements. Our one-off designs are an exciting, vibrant, visual tapestry of the events and emotions of your day. We do not use templates, we do not batch process, and every single image without exception is custom post-produced for our albums from 16-bit RAW files.

As with the photography itself, albums can be designed to accommodate most budgets.



As the photography from your wedding will – other than your rings – be the only lasting investment from the day, we encourage you to research your decision very carefully. We would love to meet with you to hear your plans and to show you in more detail how we will be able to achieve everything you want, and more! To read what others have said of their experience with us, please see Testimonials.


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